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Rochester Area Youth for Christ presents:
Friday & Saturday Feb. 25-26, 2011
10pm Friday to 5:45am Saturday
Supernight is a fun all nighter in Rochesterv where hundreds of teens spend all night having fun bowling, ice skating, tennis, volleyball, basketball and much more. It starts on Friday night 10 p.m and ends Saturday morning at 5:45 a.m. We'll have a sign up sheet and arrange rides there.  The cost is $26.00, with some additional costs for certain activities. If you want to go, purchase your tickets now as tghis sells out evgery year. The rest of the details are below.
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  Rochester Area Youth for Christ presents:
Friday & Saturday Feb. 25-26, 2010
10pm Friday to 5:45am Saturday
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Hi! My name is Gary Kadansky. Here's information to help answer some of the common questions people have. If you still have questions after reading this, please call, or email, me. Please remember, there are no ticket refunds!
Who is Rochester Youth for Christ?
We have been in Rochester since 1983. Our mission is to connect teens with God and help teens who know God share their faith with friends. Maybe you've heard our Sunday morning (7:00a “ 10:00a) radio show on KROC-FM (106.9) called STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. We also host concerts and events like SUPERNIGHT. We are not a church, but we work with many.

What will happen at SUPERNIGHT?
Once you get to SUPERNIGHT you will register, eat and take part in a program. Then we will load you on busses and take you to the Rochester Athletic Club, Colonial Lanes, Recreation Center, and Recreation Lanes. Activities include bowling, ice-skating, tennis, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, batting cages, broomball and swimming. Your ticket price includes everything but skate rental ($2) and extra snacks! (Program, food choices and facility locations subject to change.) Once you get to Supernight, we do all the driving. We shuttle you from place to place... depending on where you want to go. Bus schedules are posted at all facilities, so you decide where and when you will go.

What you can do at:
The Rochester Athletic Club
Wallyball (volleyball played on a racquetball court)
Swim (Bring your own towel) Pool open midnight to 3a
Tennis (Bring your own racquet and make sure your shoes are non marking soles!)
The Neighborhood (Batting cages, snack bar, mini golf, DDR, inflatables, other games)
Colonial Lanes and Recreation Lanes
Bowling (shoes and balls provided)
Bring money for vending machines (Pop & snacks)
Recreation Center
Swim (Bring your own towel) Pool open midnight to 4a
Broomball (like Hockey without skates)
Ice Skating (Bring your own skates or rent skates for $2)
Bring money for vending machines (pop & snacks)
Rochester Youth for Christ has volunteer staff at every facility. We do our best to make sure everyone has a safe and fun night. Sometimes though, accidents happen. Those are risks you assume when attending Supernight. Youth for Christ is not responsible for lost or stolen items or accidents that may result in injury. By attending Supernight you agree that your likeness (picture) and/or words can be used in Rochester Youth for Christ publications and materials. Your name will not be used in such manner unless parental permission is obtained.
Supernight 2010 Flyer

What if I can't get to SUPERNIGHT until after 10:00 p.m.?
We know some teens can't get here until 10:00p or even later. If you are coming late, we need to know ahead of time so we can plan for you. If you'll be arriving after 10:00p, you need to get dropped off directly at the Registration Center. Please call, or email, us and warn us ahead of time! No one will be able to leave early unless we talk with a parent ahead of time. This is for our safety, as well as yours.

What happens when SUPERNIGHT is done?
By 5:45a Saturday morning everyone is brought back to the Rochester Recreation Center (Elton Hills DR and Broadway North). This is the place where you left your vehicles or got dropped off in the first place (unless you came late). You can be picked up here starting at 5:45a. Then you can go home and sleep all day!!!!

I'm a Church Group Leader!
First of all “ Thank you for working with kids! I count it a privilege to work alongside you
in reaching teenagers. Secondly “ Are you crazy for wanting to stay up all night with kids?
I'm glad!
Take a few minutes and look at the information linked to the other questions, especially the "I have my ticket(s)! Now what? link. It will give you more background on how the night goes.
Here are a few tips, in no particular order, to help you prepare for Supernight:
If you need more flyers, let me know:
Have kids sign up and give you money for their ticket before you buy them.
It would be great if you could bring 1 leader for every 8 kids. It's not necessary since
I have volunteer staff at each facility, but I encourage leaders coming because it's a
great chance to build relationships with kids.
Depending on the size of your group, it may be hard to stay together all the time since
some kids will want to do one thing while another group wants to go somewhere else.
Don't get frustrated with that, just think about it ahead of time.
Cell phones are allowed and can be a good thing when trying to find a student. It can
be difficult to receive a signal in some places. We are connected between facilities by radio and, if an emergency arises, we can find people rather quickly.
Even though we say no ticket refunds, if weather causes us to cancel, you'll get your
money back. But we won't be able to refund ticket money if a student decides last
minute they can't come. If you do wind up with extra tickets and we are sold out, we
probably will have a waiting list. Notifying us a day or 2 before the event, or the day
of, will work best.
Don't hesitate to call 507-288-4567 or email me:

I want to buy tickets!
Tickets are $26 for students and $17 for adult leaders that come with a group.
Tickets available at:
Christian Book & Gift
815 N Broadway
Rochester, MN 55906
($.50 fee per ticket to charge)
Or send a check or cash to:
Rochester Area YFC
PO Box 1164
Rochester, MN 55903
Ticket sales are limited to 800 people.
Sorry “ No ticket refunds.
Supernight has sold out the last 5 years!
Get your tickets today!

I have my ticket(s)! Now What?
Come to the Southwest parking lot of Rochester Recreation Center (21 Elton Hills DR NW) Friday, February, 26 between 9:30 and 10 pm. If you'll be coming late or needing to leave early, please contact us ahead of time. Click on "coming late or leave early for more details.
Once at the Rec Center, we will take you, by bus, to our Registration site. There, you will register, eat and sit through a brief program. We will leave the Registration site around 11:30p and head to The Rochester Athletic Club, Rec Center, Rec Lanes and Colonial Lanes.
We have shuttle busses that will run about every 30 minutes. So if you are at the Rec Center and want to go to the Athletic Club, simply look at the Bus Schedule (posted around the building) to determine when the bus leaves. You are responsible for keeping track of time. You decide when you want to go from place to place “ just check the shuttle bus information.
Everybody is brought back to the Rec Center between 5:30a and 5:45a. You are then free to leave. We do not hold a closing program. If you came with a few friends and your ride comes, you can just leave. If you came with a group make sure everyone is together and then you can leave.
Any other questions? Call Rochester Area Youth for Christ at 507-288-4567.
I need to leave Supernight early!
If you need to leave Supernight before 5:30am, that means you will be leaving early.  ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will be allowed to leave Supernight early unless you contact us ahead of time and let us know.  This is for your safety, as well as ours.  Please have your parent call us at (507) 288-4567 by Noon on Friday and let us know you will be leaving early.  If you are a group leader that needs to leave early with kids, we also need to hear from you.

I'm coming late to Supernight!
If you cannot get to the REC Center by 10:15p Friday night, please call the Youth for Christ office as soon as possible at (507) 288-4567 and let us know.  You'll need to get dropped off directly at our Registration Site at Calvary Evangelical Free Church.  The address is 5500 NW 25th AVE in Rochester.  We will be at the Registration site until 11:30p.  If you can't get to Supernight until after 11:30p, then you really need to call us so we can let you know where to meet us.

The Basics of what to bring!
Some money for early morning snacks.  The snack bars at the Athletic Club and REC Center will be open.  There are also vending machines at all the facilities.
If you are swimming at the Athletic Club or REC Center, bring your own towel, and, of course, your suit.  Girls, think modestly.  If you are showing too much skin, we'll ask you to put a t-shirt on.
Don't bring valuable stuff.  Unfortunately, things disappear or are taken.  You are responsible for your valuables.  Feel free to bring a lock to put on a locker.  Just remember the key or combination.
You can bring food with you.  There are certain places to eat and not eat at all our facilities.
You can bring Ice Skates with you¦It'll save you $2 rental.  But remember, you are responsible for keeping them safe.
A Great attitude!  There will be 800 other people at Supernight.  You don't have to play with everybody, but do we do expect lot's of respect and sharing!

Questions, contact us at:
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