WHEN: February 24-25


CONFERENCE LOCATION: Grace Church, Eden Prarie ((952) 926-1884)


Mikayla Becker, Josiah de Neui, Kerstin de Neui, Darien Edds, Alyssa Knudson, Randa Lynch, Missy Machin, Mary Moenning, Sam Moenning, Sam Olive, Donavan Phoenix, Madi Tebay, Jayce Tebay, Tyler Tritington


LEAVING:We leave Cedar Creek Friday Feb 24  at 3:30. We arrive back late Saturday night and teen will be dropped off at their homes.

Drivers: Lisa Tebay, Adele Becker, Pastor Aaron, John Rasmussen

Chaperones: Lisa Tebay, Adele Becker, Pastor Aaron, John Rasmussen*, Olivia Gronseth

* John will be a volunteer for the conference which means he'll drive to and  from conference &  be in a motel  room with boys but not always with our group during the rest of the conference


OVERNIGHT: Staying at the Hampton in Eden Prarie: 952-942-9000. Rooms under Aaron de Neui. We will be sharing beds. Bring sleeping bag if want to sleep on floor or in bag on bed.

Room assignments:

Pastor Aaron: Sam Moenning, Donavan, Tyler

John: Josiah, Sam Olive, Darien

Adele: Jayce, Mikayla

Lisa: Randa, Madi, Kerstin

Olivia: Mary, Missy, Alysa



CELL PHONES! You'll have several opportunities during the outreach and the general sessions to interact and participate in the conference using mobile technology.

*$25.00 each teen/adult for motel room. Make checks out to Cedar Creek Church

*Money for 2 meals, and anything else to purchase like shirts, music etc.

*Sleeping bag (optional)

*Friday night sack dinner





Friday: Sack dinner on road

Saturday Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Saturday Lunch: Buy

Saturday Dinner: Buy


Tickets: We have wristbands to get in instead of tickets:

We currently have wristbands for Adele, Mikayla, Pastor Aaron, Kerstin, Alyssa, Missy, Mary, Sam Moenning, Donavan, Lisa, Madi and Jayce.

We have wristbands  waiting for us there for Josiah, Darien, Olivia, Randa, Sam Olive, and Tyler Tritington.


OUTREACH SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Every youth group has an outreach for a couple hours Saturday afternoon. Pastor is still working on it and is to be determined.



Weekend Schedule


6:00PM “ Doors open

7:00PM “ Session 1 starts

8:15PM “ Break

8:45PM “ Session 1 continues

9:15PM “ Drama starts

10:00PM “ Session 1 ends


7:30AM “ Doors open

8:30AM “ Session 2 starts/YLS starts*

10:30AM “ Break/YLS ends

11:00AM “ Session 2 continues

12:00PM “ Lunch

1:30PM “ Session 3 starts

3:00PM “ Session 3 ends/Outreach dismissal/Venue closes

6:00PM “ Doors open

7:00PM “ Session 4 starts

9:00PM “ Session 4 ends/Conference ends!

*Youth Leader Session (YLS) locations will vary. Please go to Registration/Outreach booth for






Sunday morning service 10:00 AM

Cedar Creek Church
30 East Main Street
PO Box 224
Hayfield, MN 55940
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