Our Denominational Affiliation


We an interdenominational church  (a recent Cedar Creek background survey showed Lutheran 45%,Baptist 16%, Catholic 13%, Methodist 10%, Church of Christ 3%, Bretheren 3%, Salvation Army 2%, Reformed 2%, E Free 2%, Presbyterian 2%, Assembly of God 1% and Free Methodist 1%) affiliated with the Baptist General Conference (also known as "Converge Worldwide).  

Converge worldwide is a 1000-plus church evangelical Baptist denomination. 
   Since our founding by Swedish immigrants in the 1850s, fleeing the spiritless religion and persecution of their homeland, we have been "a movement of churches whose history has uniquely prepared us with a dna that will attract people of all backgrounds 
Our priorities include:
   *Conversion that is  necessary for forgiveness of sin and spiritual life.
   *A true faith that fully engages both heart and mind.
   *The Bible is our sole and sufficient spiritual guide for all of life.
   * Direct access to God in prayer and worship.
   *Christ likeness is lived out in relationships and moral integrity.
   *We are called by God to bring the gospel to the world.
   *We exercise gentleness and fairness when discussing theological or religious controversies. 
Sunday morning service 10:00 AM

Cedar Creek Church
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